Lazurnaya Bay (Shamora)
The picturesque Lazurnaya Bay with its large sandy beach, healing air, fabulous sea landscapes and developed infrastructure rightly enjoys the status of one of the most popular recreation zones where Vladivostok's locals and guests like to spend their time. Being a part of the Ussuri Bay that washes the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula's eastern coast, on whose hills Vladivostok stands, it is among the

Russky Bridge
The unique bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus strait connecting Russky Island and Vladivostok mainland is truly amazing engineering construction. It is reckoned among the largest cable-braced bridges in the world, whose 1104-meter long central span has established the record in the world bridge engineering practice. The question that the city needed a bridge that would link it to the Russky Islan

Zolotoy Bridge
Built within the framework of Vladivostok's preparation to hosting the APEC Summit in autumn 2012, the bridge across the Zolotoy Rog Bay has already acquired the status of renovated Primorye capital's symbol and became its true adornment. With the new cable-braced bridge - one of the five largest bridges in the world - Vladivostok acquired another attractive sight and simultaneously solved the vit

The Primorye State Picture Gallery
The Primorye State Picture Gallery is often called the cultural gem of the Russian Far East. And it deserves this status, for it is the only art museum in the region that keeps the unique collection of Russian, Soviet and West European paintings dated to 18th-20th centuries, and has very valuable decorative and applied arts collection. The Gallery was opened in 1966. Its original collection, howev

Botanical Garden
Situated on the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula, the Vladivostok botanical garden is the largest one in the Russian Far East and is reckoned among Promorsky Krai's capital's most visited sights. Here you can see Far Eastern flora's splendid variety for yourself and admire marvelous exotic plants. Botanical garden, whose territory is mostly covered with well-preserved typical for Ussuri taiga natural un

Zolotoy Rog Bay
The blue stripe of the picturesque Zolotoy Rog Bay cuts in the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula and conditionally divides Vladivostok standing on its shores into two parts. It is not only the most beautiful place in the city that commands breathtaking views, but its most significant place too: it is with foundation of the military outpost on the bay's shores, one and a half centuries ago, that Primorye

Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet
The Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet is without exaggeration Vladivostok's key museum whose history is inseparably linked with the fleet's history and development. Not only people who are interested in naval science will be delighted to see it, but also those who want to learn more about the city in the light of its glorious history and to feel its unique atmosphere. The Museum of

The St. Paul Lutheran Kirche
The Lutheran Kirche is the oldest church in Vladivostok whose gorgeous Gothic building is a recognized valuable architectural monument and is one of the most beautiful ones in town. Built in unusual for the Russian Far east style, it invariably arrests attention and causes admiration of Vladivostok's locals and guests. The Lutheran community formed in Vladivostok just five years after city's found

Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power
The Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power standing on the city's central square is one of Vladivostok's most recognizable symbols. Many tourists who visit the Primorsky Krai's capital for the first time associate it primarily with this majestic and the biggest in the Far East monument. And there is no wonder in that, for the Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power has become city's main trad