The Equestrian Club VladKonTour is 25-minute ride from Vladivostok city center. The clients can learn horse riding or make a ride throughout picturesque suburbs of Gornostay Bay. Rookies can take advantage of program “First ride”. During the lesson, trainer will make a first briefing, tell about safety measures, check on seat, do a few laps on the reins, and control the horse ride. More experience

Equestrian Club Kavalkada
Situated a 20-minute ride from downtown, the Equestrian Club Kavalkada provide services of horse riding. The club's clients can take advantage of several tours that pass by observation platforms located on the hill tops, Botanical Garden trails, valley of Small Sedanka River. In general, the tour is developed in such way that it doesn't require special skills of horse riding. Moreover, there is pr

The Adventure Park ProAction is located on the premises of Rest center «Sedanka», just a 20-minutes ride from Vladivostok's downtown. It is the world of extreme adventures, where one can climb up a rope ladder, walk the tightrope or the swinging bridge over an abyss, try bungee jumping and descend a metal cable on a roller. Several elements of the paths are located at 8 meter height. The park feat

Skating Rink Polus
The skating rink Polus is just a 15-minute ride from Vladovostok's downtown. During weekends it welcomes visitors that want to skate; it is possible to bring own skates or take advantage of skate rental, or even just observe other sportsmen and visitors. The seasoned trainers work at the rink; they will help rookies to make their first slides on ice. Moreover, hockey, figure skating and short-trac

Aerotunnel Letim
Letim is a popular attraction located on the remote parking of Sports Complex Fetisov-Arena. It represents 4 meters high glass tube where special fans produce high-speed air stream capable of supporting a person in weightlessness. The experienced servicemen will conduct training, tell the rules of conduction during a fly, and then will give special clothing. After, it is necessary to make a warmin

Vladivostok Digger Club
Vladivostok was a closed military city for quite a long time, so during Soviet era a vast network of protective tunnels and bomb shelters was built under it, as well as Russky Island. It is possible to reveal all the mysteries of underground city during special tours, organized by Vladivostok Digger Club. The club's members developed 30 different tours through undergrounds. So, one can take a walk

Chaika Club
From May till October, the water adventure club Chaika Club is opened on island Reyneke, near Vladivostok. The sports center offers services of learning surfing and windsurfing, as well as equipment rental for individual use to ride waves of Japanese Sea. The basic training can take 3-6 hours, depending on physical skills of a student. The experienced trainers of Chaika Club will teach ABC to novi

The surfing center vlBarrel is located at the Reyneke Island in the Peter the Great Gulf. One can learn how to surf and practice standup paddleboarding there. The seasoned trainers are at the service in the club. They arrange master classes, give theoretical knowledge, help to figure out mistakes, as well as teach how to free dive (hold breath while moving underwater, rational use of oxygen). Besi

Diving Center DivePrim
The diving center DivePrim offers possibility to learn diving and get an international certificate PADI, which is recognized in majority of countries where the scuba diving with special equipment is practiced. The standard training features five theoretical classes, five dives in the pool and four open water dives, or five open water dives however without pool practices. Besides, there are special