Dear Friends!

It's a great honor for me to welcome you in Vladivostok - one of the Russia's most amazing and beautiful cities. Our city is very special: it has vivid history, unique landscape, interesting architecture and unusually strong energy. It has marine soul and inimitable Far Eastern character! Vladivostok is an Asian city with European face. Thousands of travelers from all over the world come here yearly to feel its uniqueness.

However, the principal feature of our city is its residents: open, self-confident, not afraid of any difficulties and infinitely enchanting. Vladivostok residents were always notable for persistence, faith in their dream and love to their native city.

Today, Vladivostok enters a new era - the era of renovation and brilliant perspectives that were brought to our peninsula by the APEC Summit. Within the framework of preparation to such high-level event our city was significantly transformed: it acquired two unique cable braced bridges that linked its banks with steel threads, new roads and ultra-modern interchanges. Up-to-date buildings of the Federal University were raised on the Russky Island, which is the first place in Russia to host the APEC Summit. All this infrastructural objects have already become symbols of the renewed Vladivostok and granted the status of one of the Russian trademarks to it.

I strongly believe that Vladivostok will inevitably charm you and will stay in your heart forever. And you will want to come back, to breathe the air of freedom once again and to enjoy the vibrant life of the amazing port city at the edge of Russia.


Igor Pushkarev

Vladivostok City Mayor

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