Vladivostok GUM
Despite its youth, Vladivostok has many ancient buildings that have historic value and attract each guest's attention without exceptions. Vladivostok GUM's luxurious fantasy building is rightly considered one of the most beautiful ones. This oldest trade facility (GUM is Russian abbreviation for main department store) in the Far East is located at city's historical center. It is very valuable arch

The Nicholas Triumphal Gates
The Nicholas Triumphal Gates are called one of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings in Vladivostok. They were built in 1891 to commemorate the heir’s to the Tsar’s throne Nicholas Alexandrovich’s – later he became Russian Imperator Nicholas II – visit to Vladivostok. He visited the Primorsky Krai’s capital within the framework of his round-the-world trip, which - according to his father Im

Train Station
No matter by what kind of transportation you reach Vladivostok, you should visit its train station without fail. Located at the downtown, its gorgeous building is one of the oldest and most beautiful ones in Primorsky Krai's capital. Being recognized the unique engineering creation, train station's building has the status of historical and architectural monument of federal importance and is one of

Egersheld Lighthouse
Founded in 1876, the Egersheld Lighthouse reckons among the oldest lighthouses in the Far East. For over one hundred years it serves not only as the main landmark for seamen who enter the Port of Vladivostok, but also as one of its key attractions, which is always included in the tourists' must-visit lists. The lighthouse stands at the extremity of the narrow stony spit - Tokarevskaya Koshka - th

Memorial Submarine S-56
Being the integral part of Vladivostok's glorious history, the Pacific Fleet was a reliable guard of Soviet Union's Far Eastern sea borders during the Great Patriotic War and significantly contributed to defeating the fascist invaders. The city has several monuments devoted to Russian seamen's heroism and selflessness: the Memorial Submarine S-56 installed on the Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya (literall

Vladivostok Fortress
Vladivostok Fortress, whose numerous sites stand atop the hills, at rocks' foot and at the seashore, is a recognized masterpiece of the Russian fortification art and reckons among the city's most popular and token sights. Built at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the complex of unique defensive constructions is still rightly considered one of the most powerful naval fortresses in the world. Ev

Located on the central sea boulevard, at the famous Vladivostok Fortress's foot, the oceanarium 'Aquamir' is one of the most visited city attractions. It is a real marine museum that introduces amazingly varied flora and fauna of the Pacific Ocean, tropical seas, lakes and rivers of the Far East, Africa and Amazonia. Vladivostok oceanarium is Eurasian Regional Association's of Zoos and Oceanariums