Memorial Submarine S-56

Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya

Being the integral part of Vladivostok's glorious history, the Pacific Fleet was a reliable guard of Soviet Union's Far Eastern sea borders during the Great Patriotic War and significantly contributed to defeating the fascist invaders. The city has several monuments devoted to Russian seamen's heroism and selflessness: the Memorial Submarine S-56 installed on the Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya (literally: Ships' Quay) is one of them. Together with patrol ship 'Krasny Vympel' it constitutes the memorial complex Military Glory of the Pacific Fleet.

Upon its origin in 1936, the submarine S-56 was the first rank vessel equipped with powerful engines. Having strong torpedo and artillery arms, high speed and self-sufficiency, such submarine was a dire threat to any enemy. In 1941, submarine S-56 became a part of the Pacific Fleet, and a year later, it was sent from Vladivostok to polar region in order to increase Northern Fleet's war strength.

During the World War II the submarine passed two oceans - the Pacific and the Atlantic, nine seas - including Caribbean Sea, Sargasso Sea and North Sea, and scores of islands and straits. Over this time it made eight military campaigns, carried out twelve torpedo attacks that resulted in sinking ten rival ships and damaging four more. Over three thousand depth bombs were dropped on it, but the S-56 remained unsinkable.

In the year 1975, to honor the 30th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the submarine was installed on the pedestal of eternal glory on the Zolotoy Rog Bay's beach. Today the unique museum is equipped inside the submarine S-56. There you can get a clear image of how submarine's heroic crew fought with furious storms, repulsed torpedo attacks and wormed its way through tropical heat and sever cold to help the Northern Fleet. The museum is devoted not only to the vessel's history, but to development of the Pacific Fleet's submarine forces.

Each of submarine's seven sections is a separate room with its own original exposition. Museum's visitors start discovering the S-56 from the last - seventh section. It provides facts about museum's opening history (here you can see old pictures and even submarine's original tonnage board, which was found at memorial complex's foundation), and also about submarine fleet's history from its creation to 1917. The story continues in the sixth section, introducing the period of 1917 - 1923.

The fifth (diesel) section's exposition is devoted directly to the fate and deeds of the submarine S-56: truly unique artifacts are kept here. The forth section (former galley) shows models of the modern submarines. The last three sections are the most interesting ones, because they are preserved unchanged from the war times. One of guests' favourite exhibits in the third section is 9-meter long periscope. In the second section, visitors' attention is invariably attracted to the sonarman's manikin, listening to the sound of the sea. Many tourists nickname it the 'dried seaman'. The first section features varied torpedoes - in section, as well as whole.

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Carlos Julio

Todo está en ruso. Pero vale la pena entrar solo si nunca has estado en otro submarino


[C-56 잠수함 박물관] 블라디보스톡 시내 동쪽에 자리한 C-56 잠수함 박물관은 러시아(구소련) 해군의 세계 2차대전 당시 태평양 전쟁의 승리를 기념하기 위해 1982년 블라디보스톡 상선항 앞에 설립했습니다. 가장 큰 공을 세웠던 잠수함 C-56 실제 함체를 그대로 전시 해놓은 곳입니다.

Halil and Ekaterina

Очень интересно внутри. Обязательно сходите посмотреть. Билет недорогой.


Настоящая подлодка, наполовину переделанная в музей. Посетить стОит. Минус - толпы галдящих китайцев, но нас ими не напугать! :)


Скучноватая экскурсия, но стоит сходить если не были ранее в подводных лодках. Билет стоит 100р.


Такие маленькие проходы, мне. Очень понравилось))


понравилось все! только жаль что нет машинного и аккамуляторного отсека!


Была один раз, второй раз идти неинтересно. На выходе сувенирами торгует бойкий дядечка, коллекционирующий монеты.


А в Питере на Васильевском острове круче подлодка!


One of the most famous Vladivostok memorial museum ! U should visit it


Сходите-не пожалеете!