The Primorye State Picture Gallery
The Primorye State Picture Gallery is often called the cultural gem of the Russian Far East. And it deserves this status, for it is the only art museum in the region that keeps the unique collection of Russian, Soviet and West European paintings dated to 18th-20th centuries, and has very valuable decorative and applied arts collection. The Gallery was opened in 1966. Its original collection, howev

Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet
The Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet is without exaggeration Vladivostok's key museum whose history is inseparably linked with the fleet's history and development. Not only people who are interested in naval science will be delighted to see it, but also those who want to learn more about the city in the light of its glorious history and to feel its unique atmosphere. The Museum of

Voroshilov Battery
The Russky Island is famous not only for marvelous natural sights, but for handmade wonders too. These are in particular the unique fortification facilities straggling on its territory. The Voroshilov Battery - the true military equipment's wonder and Vladivostok's pride - is among them. Thousands of naval history buffs yearly visit the island in order to see it. Since the early 1930s, the Japanes

The Antique Car Museum
Vladivostok is the unique city in many respects, and, therefore, it is no wonder that it is here that the History and Technology Automotive Antiques Museum - the youngest and definitely the most original museum in Primorsky Krai's capital - is situated. There are no museums of the kind in any other town in Russia. It is the desired point of interest in excursion program of any tourist who is tired

The V.K. Arsenyev Primorsky State Associated Museum
The Primorsky Krai is the territory with absolutely unique nature. You can prove this even without traveling through the region - it suffices to visit the V.K. Arsenyev Primorsky State Associated Museum in Vladivostok. It is the oldest and the largest museum on the Far East and in the Eastern Siberia that is situated in city's historical center. Vast collection of valuable materials about Primorsk

Memorial Ship 'Krasny Vympel'
The memorial ship 'Krasny Vympel' is a small elegant vessel that rocks slightly on the waves at the quay №35 on the Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya (literally: Ships' Quay). It is one of the many unique historical attractions in Vladivostok. The Pacific 'Aurora' - it is the 'Krasny Vympel's nickname on the Far East - is one of the five museum ships, built in the pre-revolutionary times, on the modern Rus

Vladivostok GUM
Despite its youth, Vladivostok has many ancient buildings that have historic value and attract each guest's attention without exceptions. Vladivostok GUM's luxurious fantasy building is rightly considered one of the most beautiful ones. This oldest trade facility (GUM is Russian abbreviation for main department store) in the Far East is located at city's historical center. It is very valuable arch

Memorial Submarine S-56
Being the integral part of Vladivostok's glorious history, the Pacific Fleet was a reliable guard of Soviet Union's Far Eastern sea borders during the Great Patriotic War and significantly contributed to defeating the fascist invaders. The city has several monuments devoted to Russian seamen's heroism and selflessness: the Memorial Submarine S-56 installed on the Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya (literall

Vladivostok Fortress
Vladivostok Fortress, whose numerous sites stand atop the hills, at rocks' foot and at the seashore, is a recognized masterpiece of the Russian fortification art and reckons among the city's most popular and token sights. Built at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the complex of unique defensive constructions is still rightly considered one of the most powerful naval fortresses in the world. Ev