Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet

The Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet is without exaggeration Vladivostok's key museum whose history is inseparably linked with the fleet's history and development. Not only people who are interested in naval science will be delighted to see it, but also those who want to learn more about the city in the light of its glorious history and to feel its unique atmosphere.

The Museum of the Pacific Fleet was opened in 1950 and was initially located on the premises of the Lutheran church. Almost half a century later, however, its exposition moved to the ancient building on city's main street. Today it is considered a significant historical and architectural monument. The house was built in 1902 and was intended for the officers of the Siberian naval crew. It was one of the many so-called officers' outhouses that were built in classical style and united in the joint architectural complex.

Currently over 40 thousands of unique exhibits, telling the history of the Pacific Fleet's formation and development from Peter the Great times to nowadays, are kept in the Military and History Museum's eleven halls. Its valuable artifacts include ancient rewards, weapons, personal belongings of the famous Russian seamen who contributed to its development: fleet's history is shown here in the light of their lives. Medical instruments that were used during the Russo-Japanese War, original collection of model ships, marine watercolors and many other exhibits can be seen in the museum.

The collection of the Military and History Museum of the Pacific Fleet was constantly increased over the 60 years of its existence and now it hardly fits on museum's current premises. Therefore, it is planned to build a new house for it by 2013. It'll be a spacious building near the new bridge over the Zolotoy Rog Bay.

The Museum has some branches devoted to particular episodes in the Fleet's history. These are the Memorial Ship 'Krasny Vympel' and the Submarine S-56 that are united in the memorial complex Military Glory of the Pacific Fleet on the Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya, and the Voroshilov Battery on the Russky Island.

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Фантастический музей, созданный фанатами военного железа для фанатов. Экспозиции внутри форта обзавидуются большинство музеев военной тематики в России.