Peculiarly stretched on the slopes of the knolls descending to the sea, Vladivostok is one of the most picturesque and attractive cities in Russia. The idea of it as of deserted, covered with ice military outpost at the end of the world, has long passed into oblivion. Today it is a modern city that draws attention of travelers from all over the world by its unique nature, lovely sceneries, loose military-historical monuments and unique shade of sea romance.

Hot Events

February 24

Ballet-acrobatic Show "Sleeping Beauty"

On February 24, Fesco Hall will welcome world premiere of Ballet-acrobatic show from China "Sleeping Beauty", which already rose to prominence with ballet “Nutcracker”. Lots of spectator and critics consider show to be ground-breaking in choreography, ballet and circus spheres. 45 acrobats and 12 tons of original decoration accompanied by light an sound effects are present onstage simultaneously. The stage will feature fantastic ambiance of fairy kingdom with anger, hatred, magic, kindness, friendship and invincible love, able to break spell of evil witch.

March 10

Nino Katamadze

On March 10, the big solo concert of jazz songstress Nino Katamadze and band Insight will take place onstage of Fesco Hall. Nino Katamadze started her career 20 years ago in Georgia and rose to fame in her country without any promotion and posters – the halls were packed and spectators tenderly nicknamed her ‘our girl’. She had her breakthrough in CIS and worldwide in 2005 after she toured successfully, as well as released album “White” – it sold almost 1 million copies. She will definitely perform her most prominent songs as «Once In The Street», «Suliko», «I Will Come As A Snow» during her concert in Vladivostok.

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Monument to Vysotsky

The musical monument to the great poet, singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky is one of the newest point of interest in Vladivostok. It was installed in summer 2013 in a park in front of Gorky Theater, near the Academy of Arts.
The idea of creating a peculiar monument was matured by the city administra

Tsesarevich Promenade

Located near the city center, between the bridge across the Zolotoy Rog Bay and Dalzavod, Tsesarevich Promenade is the youngest of Vladivostok attractions. It was opened in autumn 2012 and all at once became one of the most beloved destinations in the sea capital for walks and recreation among local

Pokrovsky Park

The Pokrovsky Park is the green oasis at Vladivostok's center and one of Primorye capital's locals' and guests' most favourite recreation places. Youth, families with little kids and elderly couples come here to stroll along its shady alleys and rest from the town fuss. Park's unusual and mysterious

Memorial Complex 'City of Military Glory'

Since 2010, Vladivostok has the honorary title 'City of Military Glory' that was given to it for courage, determination and mass heroism showed by city's defenders in the fight for freedom and independence of the Motherland. The namesake memorial complex, installed in summer 2012 on the central squa

Sportivnaya Gavan

Sportivnaya Gavan is a traditional for all seaside towns sea boulevard. It is one of the oldest and Vladivostok residents' most favourite recreation places. The first bathing huts appeared here long ago: in those times, Amur Bay's waters were famous for increased saltiness and were considered curati

Islands in the Peter the Great Gulf

The Peter the Great Gulf - the largest and the most picturesque one in the Japanese Sea - is famous for its azure bays, fantastic underwater landscapes, clean beaches and rocky capes of unimaginable forms. Its main treasure, however, is a number of mysterious islands that are peculiarly scattered in

Brynner Mansion

The light three-storey building that adorns Vladivostok's downtown is the Brynner mansion, which is rightly considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the Primorye capital. It was built in the early 20th century upon the project of German architect Georg Yunghendel, whose archit

Bridge to Russky Island

The unique bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus strait connecting Russky Island and Vladivostok mainland is truly amazing engineering construction. It is reckoned among the largest cable-braced bridges in the world, whose 1104-meter long central span has established the record in the world bridge eng

The Monument to Muravyov-Amursky

The monument to the East Siberian governor-general and Vladivostok's founder Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky is installed in the Park of his name, on the intersection of the Sukhanova Street and Lazo Street. It is one of the newest and definitely most important for Vladivostok's residents architectural sig