La Trattoria
The cozy restaurant La Trattoria is located at Vladivostok's center, within a few steps of Admiralty Park. The facility is notable for exquisite decor, delicious cuisine and warm cordial atmosphere. Facility's menu is based on the best Italian and European dishes. One may taste real Italian pizza, lasagna, pasta, bruschettas, ravioli and more here. Restaurant's vast bar list offers Italian wines t

Situated in the quiet corner near the Zolotoy Rog Bay, the restaurant Melnitsa is a cozy facility with delicious cuisine, good service and original interior. The menu is based on the best European and Russian cuisine's dishes, whose taste can be set off by suitable drink from restaurant's vast bar list. Three rooms - two for 65 and one for 12 seats - are at guests' disposal. Restaurant's experienc

The restaurant Restograd is located on the second floor of the namesake restaurant complex that, in addition, has nightclub and banquette hall. Convenient location at the downtown area, affable personnel and delicious cuisine make Restograd one of the most visited facilities in town. Restaurant's menu offers dainty dishes from European and Russian cuisines, as well as tender desserts and self-made

Located near Park of Culture and Recreation Karusel, the Korean restaurant Hanuri is an ideal place for those who want to touch mysterious Korean culture. Menu's preferences are meat dishes from marbled beef and seafood dishes. Restaurant's specialty is that guests are offered not adapted dishes, but the ones, cooked in compliance with all techniques of traditional Korean cuisine. Facility's cooks

The Pan Asian restaurant Zuma stands at Vladivostok's center and is a harmony of six elements: fire, earth, water, air, wood and iron. Restaurant's menu, developed by the team of professional cooks, offers varied and piquant Pan Asian cuisine's dishes. You can taste all sorts of tempuras, sashimis, pastas, woks, soups, salads and more. The restaurant has vast tea list and children's sets. Large ro

Khlopok Chaikhona
The café Khlopok Chaikhona stands at Vladivostok’s center, few steps away from the famous funicular. The authentic interior - carried out using national fabrics and decoration objects, brought from sunny Tashkent - warm atmosphere and tasty cuisine allure to plunge into Uzbekistan’s culture. Restaurant’s menu is based on Uzbek cuisine with its invariable components – pilau, flat cakes, oriental sw

The traditional restaurant-museum Shtukkenberg is located in the historical building, where the nobleman, sea captain and the first Far Eastern marine painter N.M. Shtukkenberg used to rent a room. Ancient atmosphere is preserved here and, the same as many years ago, traditional Russian cordiality, domestic warmth and comfort reign. The menu is based on Russian and Moscow cuisine's dishes that wer

Dom Coopera
The cozy cafe Dom Coopera is situated on the first floor of the historical building raised by businessman Karl Henry Cooper. The facility is famous for its cozy atmosphere, pleasant music, affordable prices and wonderful dishes. Restaurant's menu offers the tastiest dishes from European and Russian cuisine, as well as rich coffee and tea lists. Cafe's pride is the very fresh self-made desserts. Ba

The coffee house Fontanka stands at Vladivostok’s center, in few steps from the Sukhanov Park. It is an ideal place for morning meetings and evening romantic dates. Quality coffee and tea, full-blown menu with main courses, specialty delicacies and drinks are offered in the café. It is worth mentioning that all confectionery, served in Fontanka, is handmade masterpieces, and the chef never fails t