Sem Samuraev
Situated at Vladivostok's center, the restaurant Sem Samuraev is a perfect place for dainty oriental cuisine's true connoisseurs. Restaurant's menu numbers over 100 Japanese cuisine's dishes that are cooked exclusively from quality fish and seafood. Here you will find not only wide choice of sushi, sashimi and rolls, but salads and main courses too. Wide assortment of true Japanese beer Asakhi an

The cozy cafe Nakatika stands at Vladivostok's center and offers its guests absolutely new feelings and tastes. Japanese dishes - the base of cafe's menu - are served in facility's chef's unexpected author's presentation. Traditional Japanese dishes are also offered here: shish kebab (yakitori), dishes on tepan, Japanese fried noodles and huge choice of rolls. Nakatika's small room numbers 30 seat

The modern Asian restaurant Matsuri is situated at Vladivostok's center. It is notable for high quality of service, authentic cuisine and stylish interior. Matsuri's menu features homemade cuisines of several Far East countries: Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese. Each country of this mysterious region has its unique cuisine, but all of them share similar Pan-Asiatic traits: cooking only with fres