Uborevicha St. 5a
Type of facility: Restaurant
Cuisine: Russian, European
Average cheque: 2000 ₽
Working hours: Su - We: from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.; Th - Sa: from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Capacity: 60

The panoramic restaurant Michelle is situated on the business-center’s ‘Dinas’ 8th floor, at Vladivostok’s very center. Here one may rest from urban fuss and enjoy dainty cuisine, while admiring fantastic views of the Zolotoy Rog Bay.

Restaurant’s menu is based on European and Russian cuisines’ hits. Such dainty dishes as calf liver, fried royal prawns with Sicilian garnish, salad with smoked duck breast, gray Mediterranean gilthead fillet and many other are offered here. Wines from the Old and New World set off dishes’ amazing taste.

Restaurant’s main room numbers 40 seats, additional banquette hall can accommodate 16 people. It’s possible to order stand-up meal, organize corporate evening or closed event at the restaurant.

Average rating
Ratings: 19


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Reviews: 19

Не нужно слов. Просто нужно придти. Выпить кофе или бокал вина с удивительными десертами собственного приготовления и посмотреть на наш чудесный город


Что-то как-то сдали ребята, ей богу, не признаю. Кухня на уровне середняка.

Панорамный ресторан "Мишель"

Каждую среду акция "Мясной день" - закажите блюдо из специального меню и получите бокал вина в подарок!) Приятного Вам отдыха в панорамном ресторане "Michelle"...

Панорамный ресторан "Мишель"

#РесторанMichelle с гордостью представляет чай TWG. Продукция этой марки является предметом роскоши на чайном рынке. Приходите и пробуйте этот изумительный напиток в компании наших вкусных десертов!

Good food, fantastic view, romantic place

I`ve been to many places in Vladivostok, but this restaurant is one of my favourite. This is a must visit restaurant in Vladivostok. Believe me)


It's an amazing place. The food is very tasty. Staff ia attentive. Best view of Vladivostok


Вам менее 21? Приводите маму и только маму. Таковы незаконные "правила" ресторана. Цены немыслимые. 30к бутылка Don Perignon 0,7. В самом дорогом клубе Сингапура дешевле в несколько раз.


Великолепная кухня, потрясающий вид на Владивосток. Новое меню радует обилием блюд и доступными ценами. Всем рекомендую фирменные десерты Мишель,это что-то потрясающее!


Отличный ресторан. Красивый вид. Очень вкусно и недорого. Советую Вам обязательно посетить этот ресторан.


Очень вкусная свиная рулька с моцареллой!! Просто шедевр!)) и классный фирменный чай Мишель!))


Не плохое место чтобы попить вина, прекрасный вид на город, приятный интерьер, вежливый персонал. Меню не воодушевляет ни оригинальностью, ни объемом и не особенно вкусно.


Палтус не очень. В целом весело.


Ооочень большие порции, не влезающие в ооочень маленькие тарелки+потрясающая скорость приготовления

Worst Restaurant. Terrible service

A visit to Michelle restaurant a couple of weeks ago was probably the very worst restaurant experience we have all ever had in our lives!

Our family and international friends that flew half way around the world have decided to go out to a very nice restaurant to celebrate the joining of two families and an upcoming wedding, a very important event in all of our lives, and thought that we should go to a very nice place in Vladivostok for this celebration.

After making our order, the waitress told us that it would take about 1.5-2hrs to receive our dishes (which were not at all inexpensive). We were surprised at such a long wait and have kindly asked her to double check on the time estimate with the chef, because we were hungry and if necessary we could have changed our order to dishes that were faster to make. She came back and said that the chef was going to prepare everything in about 25 mins. Let me note, there were only 2 other parties in the restaurant, so it was practically empty.

20-25mins after we have placed our order, we have only received the bread basket. 1 hour later, still had no food. 1.5hr later, still no sign of food. We inquired with the waitress about 1.5 hrs into the dinner because we have still had not received our food. She said that it was coming. Close to 2 hrs into the dinner, we have received our very first appetizer order- a salad! Slowly after that the 1st main dish arrived. We waited and waited and waited. Asked the server when we were going to expect the remaining 6 other main dishes, and why they were not delivered at once. She said that the chef could only focus on 1 dish at a time and that we should not wait and eat them as they were delivered. Each additional dish arrived 30mins-1hr after the one before!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Each member of our party had to eat their dish, as the others were hungrily staring at their months and at their empty plates. The last member of our table, had to literally in hail his food, because it has been hours since the 1st main course arrived at the table and the members of our party were starting to fall asleep!!!

Because we never ate/drank together as a group of 7, we could not even make a toast to the happy couple and the wonderful news that we have traveled half around the world for.

I could not sit silently and got up to speak to our waitress about such poor service. She then called up another young girl who introduced herself as the manager and both said that they did nothing wrong and were shocked at our lack of satisfaction. The manager said that she was not the one giving us estimates on the food arrival. The waitress tried to transfer the blame onto the chef. The chef came out of the kitchen and said that I was making this all up, and did not even allow me to explain the situation. Both of the girls and the chef just shrug their shoulders and said that there was nothing they could do. All of them were extremely rude and did not want to hear anything from us.

Forgot to mention about the quality of food, it was all overdone, all of the fish and meat were hard as a rock. The vegetables that we have ordered a part of the fish meal, were never delivered. When we asked the waitress about why they were missing and kindly asked to deliver them, she came back and said that they chef decided that they did not go well with the dish and that he was not going to bring them out.

I have traveled the world and have also been to plenty of restaurants/cafes in Russia and I have never (ever) been to a restaurant where each guest had to eat alone! I have never been to a restaurant where guests were falling asleep because they had to wait >4 hrs for their food to arrive.

This was by far the very worst restaurant experience in our lives. Both the service and food were just atrocious.

Please Never go here!


Прекрасное место, отличный вид и очень уютно:)


Урааа!!! После часа поисков нашел наконец приличный ресторан с отличным видом на порт!!


Вкусный чай со штруделем.


Наикрасивейший вид на залив


Main course takes 1.5 hour to get ready! It's better to order everything before. Good food. Good wine. Good view


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