Located in town's center, near the bridge over the Zolotoy Rog Bay, the grill-bar Artichoke is one of the coziest and warmest places in Vladivostok. One may not only have a perfect meal here, but also have a good time in friendly circle and plunge in jazz beats of all styles and directions. Bar's menu consists of classical European dishes, as well as of exclusively juicy and tasty dishes cooked on

Located in Vladivostok, the restaurant Porto-Franko is a unique facility in art nouveau style that has preserved the history and rich traditions in both, culinary and entertainment. Exquisite interior, black-and-white photos and graphics will plunge you into atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia. Restaurant's menu is based on Russian and European cuisine, including such gastronomic hits as grille

The popularity of the exquisite restaurant Apriori, located near American consulate, is based on three whales: respectability, family and comfort. Restaurant's talented cooks have developed a rich menu, consisting of European cuisine's best dishes, and an impressive choice of dishes with seafood - risotto with seafood, salmon steak, grilled fillet of sturgeon and many more. Wide assortment of alco

Irish Pub Trinity
Located in the 'First River' district, the cozy Pub Trinity is a piece of Ireland in Vladivostok. It is an ideal place for spending a good time with jug of beer, listening to live music and meeting friends. Facility's interior is carried out in the best Irish traditions: green-and-gold colors, massive wooden furniture, brought specially from the country of irises, fairy-tale giant Gulliver's homel