Julius Brynner Mansion

Aleutskaya St. 15

The light three-storey building that adorns Vladivostok's downtown is the Brynner mansion, which is rightly considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the Primorye capital. It was built in the early 20th century upon the project of German architect Georg Yunghendel, whose architectural talent was incarnated in several more magnificent buildings that later became Vladivostok's genuine sights.

The house was owned by the Swiss Jules Bryner - the merchant of the first guild and one of the most famous manufacturers in the Far East, who influenced modern look of the downtown. Aged 16, he ran away from home and settled in Yokohama (Japan), then, in 1880s, he moved to Vladivostok, was granted Russian citizenship and bought large shipping company. Thus, he became the architect of the Far Eastern steamship line. Local residents remember him for his contribution to Vladivostok's development and becoming one of the most important Russian ports.

The mansion is also famous as the place where Jules Bryner's son Yul was born and spent his childhood. After the revolution in the 1917, he moved to the USA with his family, added another 'n' to his last name and started brilliant acting career. The actor Yul Brynner is famous for his roles in Oscar-winning movies The King and I and The Magnificent Seven. In the year 2005, the memorial plaque in honor of the Vladivostok-born Hollywood star was opened in the Brynner house.

Currently the Far Eastern sea steamship line's office is located on the mansion's premises.

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