The totally unique nature that can't be found on any other continent of the world is the main adornment of Vladivostok and its outskirts. Exceptional natural riches were granted to the city by the combination of unusual geographical position, original relief and special climate. Unbelievably beautiful sceneries, lakes and sea beaches, mysterious mountains and mountain ranges, inimitable flora and fauna... Woven of true wonders, Primorsky Krai is the true paradise for everyone who values the essence of nature.

Vladivostok nestles at the Pacific Ocean's coast and its astounding landscapes, as if painted by the daring fantast artist, win the visitors' admiration from the very first moment. As a magnet, it draws people interested in traveling across undiscovered corners of the wildlife, true connoisseurs of beauty and dreamers to the ends of the earth. When entering the Far Eastern lands, even the most incorrigible pragmatists are charmed by their fabulous views and turn into romantics.

And it's all due to the sea - Vladivostok's main attraction. It peculiarly cuts into the land and forms Primorye capital's unforgettable look. Steel-colored Japanese sea is absolutely unique and original, tender and severe at once, and makes an indelible impression. It causes famous maritime fogs and viscous humidity that permeates into every pore.

The main part of Vladivostok - or so-called mainland - spreads over the picturesque shores of the very beautiful Zolotoy Rog Bay surrounded by low mountains and majestic Far Eastern knolls covered with sparse woods. It is their peaks that command the most breathtaking views over the seashore!

Vladivostok's main pride, however, is the numerous islands that are scattered over the Peter the Great Gulf like handfuls of jewels. The nature did indeed make every effort here: countless azure and emerald bays, fantastic rocky massifs covered with dense woods, silver sandy beaches! It is the place where one can find pristine secluded corners.

And therefore, it's no wonder that it is in the Peter the Great Gulf - the richest one on the scale of sea inhabitants' diversity - that the Far Eastern sea reserve was founded. For now, it is the only sea reserve in Russia. Here you can find trepangs, scallops, squids, sea urchins, and octopuses; and sharks, tuna fish and rare spotted seals live in the coastal waters. Gulf's bottom is studded with colorful sea stars. Such rich and diverse nature creates prerequisites for development of the sea and underwater tourism in the Vladivostok's vicinity.

Sea reserve's central plot of land is located on the Popov Island - one of the most picturesque Vladivostok's islands. The marvelous island botanical garden was created here to preserve Primorsky Krai's unique coastal plants. The botanical garden on the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula invites to witness the diversity of the Far Eastern land flora and to admire amazing exotic plants.

And of course, Vladivostok, as any other seaside town, is a perfect place for summer recreation and health improvement. This is facilitated by many kilometers of sandy beaches, curative combination of sea and forest air, high concentration of salts and healthy minerals in the Japanese Sea's waters, as well as by sanatoriums, tourist bases and children's camps to fit any taste.

...Although Vladivostok has a vivid history and is famous for numerous military and architectural monuments, this amazing city remains in memory, in the first place, thanks to its astonishing sceneries, numerous azure bays and charming mystery of the marvelous knolls - the unique collection of treasures that composes Primorsky Krai's inimitable nature.

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