Ivan Okhlobystin "Sky Coalition"

Verkhneportovaya St. 38

On September 20, Ivan Okhlobystin - actor, playwright, screenwriter, director, priest - will perform his program "Sky Coalition" on the Fesco Hall's stage, for the first time in Vladivostok.

His performance combines shocking behavior, extravagance, irony and artistry and is a perfect interactivity with a viewer. Ivan Okhlobystin will try to reach out to everybody bringing up such topics as home, family, nation, civic stand, self-knowledge.

Ivan Okhlobystin will talk about issues that concern him as an artist, philosopher and citizen. Ideally, the Fresco Hall's event on September 20 will be a literary evening, where the viewers will be able to laugh heartily and to become deeply thoughtful at the same time.

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