Denis Maidanov

Verkhneportovaya St. 38

On October 4, the famous Russian author and performer Denis Maidanov will introduce his new solo program in Vladivostok. The concert will take place at the Fesco Hall.

Denis Maidanov’s career started in 2001, when he wrote songs for renowned Russian singers, such as Nikolay Baskov, Philipp Kirkorov, Boris Moiseev, Jasmin, Iosif Kobzon and many others. In 2008, he engaged in recording his own album ‘Ya budu znat, shto ty lyubish menya…’ (I’ll know that you love me). It sold thousands of copies.

Denis Maidanov has never pursued affected glitter and fashionable melodies. His main trump cards were voice, guitar and sincerity. He will sing his most famous hits at the concert in Vladivostok.

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