Paintball Club Askold

Located in Vladivostok northern suburb the paintball club Askold is 20-minute car ride from downtown. Apart from traditional paintball, the services feature paintball for children and laser-tag.

The club has all necessary equipment for the game: markers and balls (lite balls for children), as well as protective clothing – camouflage and mask. The participants of laser-tag get full-scale models of real guns, which in addition have almost the same amount of ammo as real one.

The club Askold features five game camps: “Sherwood forest”, “Housedrom”, “Sport”, “Pyramid”, and “Western”. Moreover, there are spacious rest and service zones that include picnic area, camp kitchen, pavilions, changing rooms, sanitarian zone, etc.

Club has a paintball shop, where one can purchase paintball markers, masks, equipment and balls for individual use.

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