In the billiard club Abrikol, situated at Vladivostok's very center, billiards fans have an opportunity to enjoy their favourite game in cosy atmosphere. Here on may play not only conventional American (6 tables) and Russian (7 tables) billiards, but snooker (one table) too. In addition, facility's bar offers a large range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Pool Bar
The small cozy club Pool Bar stands on Sakhalinskaya Street and gives its visitors an opportunity to play American (4 tables) and Russian (1 table) billiards. After intense game, the guests can relax in facility's bar. Small room for 20 seats is at their disposal.

The billiard club Magnat is a part of the Japanese restaurant Toshimi and gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy their favourite game and to taste dainty oriental dishes. One American billiards table and three Russian billiards tables are at guests' disposal. During the game facility's clients may make themselves comfortable on soft couches.

Located on Chasovitina Street, the billiard club Chester is a perfect place to have a fun time playing your favorite game. Six tables are installed in the room: five for American and one for Russian billiards. In addition, visitors have an opportunity to play air hockey. The menu featuring the best European dishes is also at guests' disposal. The club offers free Internet access and guarded parkin

Situated in Egersheld district, the billiard club Parus not only offers an opportunity to have a pleasant pastime playing billiards, but provides perfect service and delicious cuisine. Besides playing Russian and American billiards, the guests can play backgammon and smoke hookah at the bar. The menu offers traditional Russian dishes. In addition, the facility has wide screen broadcasting matches

The billiard club Classic is located in Vladivostok's downtown, on the ground floor of the sea terminal's building. Besides usual Russian or American billiards, the facility offers an opportunity to play other popular games: ping-pong, darts, air hockey, table football, cards, chess and backgammon. Club's bar serves European dishes, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Tochka Otscheta
The billiard club Tochka Otscheta standing near the Bagration Square is considered one of the largest facilities of the kind in Vladivostok. The club has two rooms: the first one is fitted with 13 quality American billiards tables, and the second features 9 Russian pyramid tables. The secluded VIP-room offers two tables for private recreation lovers. Having played to their heart's content, the vis

America Bowling
The club America Bowling is a part of the namesake entertainment complex. Attention to the minutiae, quality service and modern equipment ensured its popularity among Vladivostok residents and guests. Visitors can take advantage of the latest equipment, eight up-to-date lanes with fast bowling ball return mechanisms, and bar. In addition, play zone featuring Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Sony Playstation 3,

Fabrika on Gaydamaka
The bowling club Fabrika is a part of the namesake entertainment complex in Vladivostok's downtown. It is distinguished by polite personnel, convenient location, and atmosphere of fun and good mood. 10 wonderful Brunswick lanes are at guests' disposal. All club's equipment meets world standards: length and handling of lanes, bowling balls' weight and size, special shoes and even pins' weight and s